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Danyang High School Of Jiangsu Province, first known as a high school affiliated to The State College of Social Education, was set up in Qingmuguan, Sichuan Province. In 1946, it moved to its present location—The Confucius Temple in Danyang, Jiangsu Province. Ever since its establishment, it has changed its names several times for different reasons and in 1996, it finally settled on its present name.

In the past 68 years, it has developed a profound school culture and formed a good education tradition. It thoroughly implements National Educational Guidelines and is fully committed to people-oriented educational ideology and to the students’ all-round development. It has been making every effort to make students people with high life goals, healthy character, solid foundations, pronounced expertise and sustainable development. The school has established a unique characteristic of autonomy in moral education, exploration in teaching research and good at one event and capable of many in physical education. It has been widely praised as a high quality school with fine school spirit, strict teaching style, excellent learning style and high quality. As a result, the school has won many national and provincial honors. To date, the school has been awarded one of the first key high schools of Jiangsu Province, the first Model Schools of Jiangsu Province, the first National Model High Schools in Jiangsu Province and the first Four-Star Schools of Jiangsu Province. It was listed in Lists Of Prestigious Schools in Jiangsu and Lists Of Prestigious High Schools in China. In 2007, the school was awarded National Advanced Collective In Education by the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Education.

Exhibited in the hall are the achievements the school has mainly made since China’s opening up, with the purpose of recalling the past, inspiring the young and creating a greater future glory.




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